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New diet new Life

Exploring the nutritional value and cooking method of glass noodles

As more and more people start to pay attention to healthy diet, vegetarian diet also becomes a popular diet. Therefore, this article will provide you with a new way of eating; bring "glass noodles" into the daily staple food of vegetarians. So that you can eat healthily and happily, and your three meals a day will no longer be boring and tasteless.

What is glass noodles made from?

Glass noodles, also known as cellophane noodles or glass noodles, is one of the traditional specialties of China. It is made from mung bean starch in the early days, but later on it is made from potato starch and tapioca starch.

Can I eat glass noodles for weight loss?

Glass noodles do not contain fat, gluten-free, and rich in a variety of dietary fiber which can help improve the body's immunity, protect cardiovascular health, and help to maintain intestinal health. Glass noodles is also a good helper for weight loss. Weight loss cannot completely avoid starch, but  worried about involving too much starch. 

Glass noodles has a high water absorption rate. Potato glass noodles can expand 3 times after absorbing water, and mung bean noodles can expand 4 to 5 times, making it easy to feel full after eating. What’s more, dietary fiber can increase gastrointestinal motility, and inhibit the rise of blood sugar. Having glass noodles with a variety of vegetables and protein not only can  balance nutrition,  but also the fat burning effect will be better.

(Quote from:  Cellophane noodles helps to lose weight? The reason is the high water absorption rate and dietary fiber)

Glass noodles glycemic index(GI) comparison

The lower the GI value, the slower the absorption of sugar. The slower the rise in blood sugar, the less likely to feel hungry.

How to cook glass noodles?

For vegetarians, glass noodles are a very good ingredient. It is light in taste and can be used with various vegetables, tofu, etc. It can be cooked in a variety of ways but requires little preparation. For people who want to control their weight, glass noodles are a good substitute for traditional rice, noodles and other carbohydrate foods. Not only help reduce caloric intake, but also to maintain a sense of satiety and avoid over-eating.

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Sunrightfood Vegetarian Glass Noodles

In order to response to the domestic and international vegetarian food craze, Sunrightfood has launched the vegetarian instant glass noodle series 【Chef Dragon】Toona Sesame Wide Vermicelli and 【Chef Dragon】Zanthoxylum Sesame Wide Vermicelli to provide vegetarians with a new choice, the taste and aroma of wide noodles with sesame sauce, refreshing and heavy at the same time, delicious and rich in layers. Toona  sesame noodles are vegan, and  Zanthoxylum  sesame noodles are five  five pungent spices vegetarian diet. . What other types of vegetarian food are there?

Eating healthy glass noodles is not boring

Vegetarians usually need to be more careful of their dietary choices to ensure that they can get enough nutrition. Through glass noodles, a healthy ingredient, vegetarians can not only get rich nutrition, but also enjoy a delicious and healthy eating experience. In conclusion, if you are a vegetarian, or looking for a new diet way, you may want to try glass noodles, with us to open the door to a new world!

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