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【Chef Dragon】Toona Sesame Wide Vermicelli (Vegan)

●This product is vegan, providing an additional option for vegans
●Pair with tenderly chewy wide vermicelli and toona sauce, make it more delicious and healthy at the same time
●Vegetables can be added according to personal preference
●No preservatives added

Product Description

【Chef Dragon】Toona Sesame Wide Vermicelli (Vegan)

● Main Ingredients: 

●Vermicelli:Potato starch, Tapioca starch, Corn starch, Pea starch ,Water

●Toona sauce packet: Canola oil, Soy sauce, Sweetening Agent, Toona sauce, Salt, Black vinegar, Mushroom powder, Seasoning Agents, Yeast powder, Grapefruit flavor, Pepper, Caramel colors, Xanthan Gum, Antioxidant
●Sesame sauce packet: Sesame sauce, Sesame oil
●Vegetable packet: Carrot, Cabbage, Black sesame, Celery

●Specifications: 315g (11.1oz) (105g x 3 packs) x 12 packs

●Storage period: 12 months

●Origin: Taiwan
●Storage: Do not place under direct sun beam and a damp place (After opening, please finish it as soon as possible.) to avoid deterioration.
●Allergy information: Contains Soybeans, Sesame.


Cooking Method:




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