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【Chef Dragon】Hot & Sour Vermicelli

●Strictly selected with Chinese herbs and spices
●Add with black vinegar, it tastes sour and rich
●Non-GMO soybeans are selected, roasted and not fried, crispy and not greasy
●Pair with tenderly chewy vermicelli, it absorbs the flavor of spicy and sour
●Fresh dried vegetables
●No preservatives added

Product Description

【Chef Dragon】Hot and Sour Vermicelli

● Main Ingredients: 

●Vermicelli: Potato starch, Tapioca starch, Corn starch, Pea starch, Water

●Hot and sour sauce packet: Palm oil, Soy sauce, Sesame oil, Seasoning powder, Sichuan pepper oil,Chili bean paste,Chili sauce,Chili sauce,Shallot crisps,Garlic crisps, Sugar, Shallot oil, Seasoning Agents, Mushroom powder, Onion powder, Ginger, Garlic extract,Chili oil, Antioxidant

●Vinegar packet:Black vinegar,Mirin,Concentrate Vinegar

●Vegetable packet: Soybeans,Sauerkraut, Shallots

●Net weight: 285g(10.1oz)(95g×3 packs)

● Storage period: 12 months

● Origin: Taiwan

● Do not place under direct sun beam and a damp place (After opening, please finish it as soon as possible.) to avoid deterioration.

●Allergy information: Contains Soybean, Sesame, Wheat and Gluten.


Cooking Method:

1.Soak vermicelli in water until soft for about 5-7 minutes, cut into sections according to personal preference, and drain for later use.

2.Take 400c.c water to boil, add the soaked vermicelli, sauce package and vegetable package into the boiling water and cook for 3~5 minutes before eating.

3.You can add vegetables or other ingredients according to your personal preference.

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